Basic TV Mounting
Mount TV
Install customer's bracket
Organize cables
Run cables through pre-existing conduit in a single stud bay
Attach customer's cables
Program one remote
Configure one smart device
Setup and demo operation

Premium TV Mounting
(Reg. $199)
Install customer's bracket
CONCEAL customer's cables IN-WALL
Connect all video equipment
Program one remote
Configure one smart device
(Product not included)
(Electrical relocation not included. add-on $60)
(Price may fluctuate depending on Difficulty Ex..fireplace)

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TV Wall Mount Services

TV Over Fireplace Installations

Premium TV Mounting Services Sale $150 (reg. $199)

  • Wall mount TV to standard stud frame (additional charges for fireplace or stone)
  • Concealment of wires (excludes Power)
  • Setup TV and components
  • Configure Smart devices
  • Program one remote (excludes Smart Remotes, Harmony,URC,etc)
  • Demo

Basic TV Mounting Services $100

  • Wall mount TV to standard stud frame (additional charges for fireplace or stone)
  • Organize wires or run cable through a pre-existing conduit
  • Setup TV and components
  • Configure Smart devices
  • Program one remote (excludes Smart Remotes, Harmony,URC,etc)
  • Demo

AC Outlet Service

  • Powerbridge Unit – $100
  • Outlet daisy-chain-add-on — $60

Theater Service

  • Projector Installation and calibration
  • Projector Screen Installation 
  • Home Theater Speaker Optimization
  • Home Theater pre-wire
  • Home Theater Component rack system
  • Home Theater Light control
  • Home Theater Design and Decorating

TV and Audio Services

Outdoor TV installation and Mounting

Conference Room Installation 

House Audio Wiring and Installation 

House Audio System Design

Surround sound installation and in-wall wiring

Sound Bar installation and mounting

Outdoor speaker installation and wiring

Network Setup

Harmony Smart Remote Program 

URC Remote Program

Ring Doorbell Installation

Security Camera Installation

Furniture Assembly

Cat5, Cat6 Ethernet wiring and installation 

Home automation (lights,nest, wifi locks….)

Home Theater Design and Decorating

Professional TV installation and Mounting service

Theater Leaders is your local TV mounting and home theater service provider for Franklin TN as well as Brentwood and Nashville TN. We specialize in customizing systems that make sense and that are easy to use by the homeowners or employees.   We offer TV mounting services for concealing wire in-wall over the fireplace without causing dry-wall repair or fixes. Call or text to schedule a on-site consultation or get a quote with Bryan at anytime.

Flat screen tv installation over fireplaceTheater Leaders provide affordable TV mounting service for your televisions here in Franklin TN and surrounding cities in Tennessee. All of our home theaters, LCD, LED or plasma TV installations are insured, and your satisfaction is 100%. We know how much your new equipment means to you, and can rest assured if you leave the installation to Theater Leaders, it will become the centerpiece of your home.




img_1179We install in new or older homes with absolute care and caution. We make sure to take care of your home just as it was ours. We offer free consultations to help you with decisions and product choice. Most importantly, we take care of you and make sure you know how to operate your new equipment.

Your Installer will go through the entire installation process with the customer to make sure that all customer needs are met, such as height, center, objects, component location, electrical location, wire concealment options.
Installers will prep for the installation. We lay padded drop cloths in the area that the installation will be performed. Set tools and material on drop-cloths including ladders and other equipment. When we are through with the TV or AV installation, we will vacuum up the rest of the debris around that area.

IMG_1007Don’t just watch the movies…BE IN THEM! Watching a movie with a home theater system brings you into the middle of the action. Our home theater experts can help you decide what setup will work in each environment so you can purchase the right product. We understand that every puchase is important.

Let Theater Leaders design the perfect Home Theater for you. Home Theaters have really changed over the years. Older systems were wired up with older cable such as component cables witch only allowed 1080i resolution. Older theaters only had a dvd player and maybe a cable box, only had 5.1 surround sound, no internet, no games, no on-demand shows or movies. Older home theaters lose there attractions quickly if there not able to be updated easily.

Theater Leaders strive everyday to stay updated with the newest technology. Technology is growing so fast that before you know it your system is like a old computer and just forget about it. If you have shopped around a little at electronic stores you have probably realize that everything is like a computer, meaning that it needs updates and sometimes the firmware needs to change. There are smart TVs everywhere and are getting more and more affordable. Home theater receivers need to stay connected to internet for updates and now there are on-line steaming audio channels such as pandora, XMsirius, and spotify. TVs and receivers can now be controlled by tablets and phones. In-all, technology is changing everyday so let Theater Leaders come over and help you decide on what you wan your home.

Theater Leaders perform a large variety of installation around the middle Tennessee area. One of the most common installations that we perform is the TV over the fireplace install. In the past couple of years having a TV mounted over the fireplace has gotten easier and a lot less complicated and we have made a guarantee that Theater Leaders will not cause any damage that would need repair after your install.

Ever since people have been mounting TVs over fireplaces there has been many so-called professional installation videos downloaded to You Tube. You will see some people destroying the wall that in surrounding the fireplace in-order to run wire from the TV to the components. Theater Leaders do not, at all, destroy dry-wall that is around the fireplace. We have never caused dry wall repairs or patch work. We use many different techniques to fish wires from all kinds of directions. Before we start any projects the installer will go through the installation with the customer to describe how the installation will be performed.

Bryan’s Bio

IMG_2038.jpgI have been involved in the audio video field since 2000. First being employed at Circuit City, in Franklin TN, selling and installing TV’s and home theater systems for customers. I continued selling, TV mounting and installing  home theaters for a few years and then Circuit City came up with the firedog, home theater and TV mounting service. I went ahead and signed up for firedog witch required me to quit Circuit City and become a subcontractor for Firedog home theater installation service. I performed TV mounting and installations of all kinds of TV’s, home theaters, network setups, and a ton of speaker installations that require special skills of running wires in all sorts of walls and odd situations. I got real handy with tv’s over the fireplace with out totally damaging or fixing dry-wall. This is meaning that i can run all wires and electrical in a fireplace without have to do any dry-wall repair or patching. I continued installing TV and home theater systems for Circuit City for the next few years until the end of 2008, when Circuit City closed for good. I immediately got employed at HI FI Buys. This was the time when the recession was going on so I was shortly laid-off because of the shortness of installations. It was a great job, just bad timing.  I was left without a job, I went ahead and started studying on how to design and build a web page along with a friend that was teaching me as-well. In 2009 I released the web page and took off! I was finally on my own doing what I love to do. I don’t get a-ton customers from my web page, I get them by performing a great unforgettable installation with every customer and that one customer turns into many. This is why I love my job. I’m careful, confident and most off all, motivated to have your business. If you have a TV you want mounted, a home theater you need installed, who knows, A project that involves low-voltage or even small electrical installation, please give me a call or text. I have lived in Franklin TN my whole life and don’t plan on moving anytime soon.